Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New iPad Pro 2018 specs rumours

New iPad Pro Concept

The iPad rumour mill has started turning for 2018. We look ahead to the next iPad Pro models’ release date, price & specs

Apple launched three new iPads in 2017, in 9.7in, 10.5in and 12.9in sizes. (We discuss their respective merits in our iPad buying guide.) But our thoughts are already turning to 2018.

In this article we gather the rumours about the new iPads we’ll see next year, covering their specs, features, pricing and release date.

If you’re interested in smaller tablets, take a look at our iPad Pro mini rumour roundup, and for buying tips check out our guide to the best cheap iPad deals. Main illustration by Martin Hajek.

Release date

The most recent iPad Pro models were announced at WWDC 2017 on 5 June 2017 and are available to buy now. It’s reasonable to expect more announcements at WWDC 2018 next summer, but we’re hopeful that Apple will have more news at its customary spring press event: perhaps the iPad mini 5.

Sources quoted by Bloomberg predict, in fact, that the new iPads will be released “a little more than a year after the last major iPad Pro upgrade”, which suggests a late summer, early autumn timeframe – perhaps August or September 2018.

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